Reviews:: Moka Only - Vermilion

After reviewing a few hip hop albums from Alberta, I thought it was high time to review an album named after a town in Alberta. (As an aside, why does Alberta love the hill so much, yet the other prairie provinces continue to deny us their hip hop? What did we do to you Manitoba [...]

Reviews:: Cat-A-Tac Past Lies and Former Lives

Where do you go with a review once the band is labeled as a shoegazer, My Bloody Valentine, Galaxie 500, Jesus and Mary Chain, or Cure sounding outfit? I mean, each of those bands has such a distinct and trademark sound that just by name dropping, you kind of get an idea of the band’s [...]

Reviews:: Oweihops Cinquefoil

Earlier in the year, I stumbled upon some great new artists courtesy of the Yerbird folk compilation. One of those artists was Oweihops – or to simplify the situation, the songwriting of Michael Metivier. I was blown away with his track, Sad Little Drunks, so when his 5-song EP Cinquefoil showed up in my mailbox, [...]

Reviews:: Dinosaur Jr. Beyond

Update:: Musebox is giving fans a chance to snatch tickets to the Vancouver show. Just click here and select BC. Originally, after an ugly slugfest with the Web Sheriff I decided I wasn’t going to re-post on Dinosaur Jr. triumphant return to rock n’ roll. I was bitter about the double hand slap, even though [...]

Reviews:: Charlotte Gainsboug 5:55

It’s really tough to separate a child from a famous parent, especially when the parent is a well renowned artist. Charlotte Gainsbourg is the daughter of French poet/singer/director Serge Gainsbourg, and much like Lennon, Dylan, Garfunkle or Marley, she will most likely be compared to her father on almost every song. He was an eccentric, [...]

Reviews:: Spiderman 3 .. well sort of

Copyright infringement, like identity theft, affects millions of people every year! So I guess that is why the powers that be at Spiderman 3 Inc. decided to make the promo discs for the new soundtrack harder to get into than Donna Martin’s knickers. Seriously. Before I can even open this promo slab, I have to [...]

Reviews:: Jenn Grant - Orchestra For The Moon

I like Jenn Grant’s debut album Orchestra For The Moon, and unlike most of my rambling, just north of coherent reviews, I believe I can tell you why rather succinctly. It’s not just because Jenn has a beautiful voice (she does indeed - alternately soaring and hushed and breaking in all the right places), but [...]

Reviews:: Peter & the Wolf and Fela Kuti

I’m not sure how we determined the day, but at herohill, spring officially starts with the NFL draft. This year’s draft had some shockers, including ND’s golden boy dropping like he was hot and landing in the lap of one of the oldest rivals of my precious Steelers. The Steelers also traded up in the [...]

Reviews:: Intricate Minds - Self-Hypnosis

Nova Scotia and Alberta hip hop have a relationship that is opposite to that of Nova Scotia and the Alberta job market. Whereas Nova Scotians have been heading to Alberta in droves to make $57 an hour working at the Fort McMurray Tim Horton’s, Alberta’s hip hop artists have been sending albums to the hill [...]