Canadian Winter f. Bonnie Hamilton – Ooh La La, Ah Oui Oui

I can’t lie, if you sample Greg Nice, you’ve pretty much already won me over. So Hamilton outfit Canadian Winter didn’t have to work that hard to seal the deal with me once I heard the chorus on this Quebec-based road trip jam flips Greg’s francais from DWYCK. It’s a fun track, check it for(…)

Doug Hoyer – Snow Bank f. Jessica Jalbert

Despite the mellow fall we’re having, it has already snowed in Edmonton, and Doug Hoyer welcomed that first snowfall with Snow Bank, the release of the last single from his previous album. As per usual from Doug, it’s a catchy tune, helped on by the lovely vocals of his frequent collaborator Jessica Jalbert. MP3:: Doug(…)

Cursed Arrows – One In The Blue

Clearly, Halifax duo Cursed Arrows are not ones to let moss grow beneath their feet, as they’ve managed to release two records this year with almost 2 months to spare. We’ve posted something on The Madness of Crowds, but nothing from Skin Behind The Shroud until now. One In The Blue sounds like a bit(…)

Rah Rah – Parkade (NGHTBLND Remix)

How about a remix to wrap up you Wednesday? Here’s one from Saskatchewan’s Rah Rah, done by NGHTBLND, to commemorate the release of their last album, Breaking Hearts, in the UK, and a remix album called Rahmixes. Enjoy! MP3:: Rah Rah – Parkade (NGHTBLND Remix) WEB::

A.A. Wallace – Bowie

Halifax electro ace A.A. Wallace has a new single out, and a plum gig coming up in a couple weeks opening for the currently much-buzzed-about Rich Aucoin during his hometown show at Reflections. So then, let’s post that new single, shall we? You can visit A.A.’s Bandcamp for a couple alternate versions of the song,(…)

Swamp Thing – All About The Brains

I guess it would be remiss of us not to post any kind of Halloween song, and luckily Swamp Thing has arrived on the scene just in time with a creepy banger in tow. Swamp Thing is Toolshed alumni Timbuktu & Chokeules along with T.O. producer Savilion (who also kicks in some raps). They’re giving(…)

Jody Watley – Looking For a New Love (Skratch Bastid’s Kausing Much Damage Remix)

Can you have too much Jody Watley? Of course you can’t, and Skratch Bastid knows this, so he came up with this ingenious Jody Wately/KMD blend for his last mixtape. MP3:: Jody Watley – Looking For a New Love (Skratch Bastid’s Kausing Much Damage Remix) WEB::

The Black Shades – Oh Oh Ah Ah

What’s up friendo, you looking for some southern-fried garage rock during HPX ’11? Well Kentucky’s The Black Shades might have just what you’re looking for, so check them out on Thursday, Oct. 20th either at the CKDU lobby for a 5:30 show, or later that night at The North Street church as the open things(…)

The Nuclear – Stations

New Brunswick’s The Nuclear play the Khyber on October 21st during HPX ’11, and they also appeared on our NB mixtape from a few years ago. Here’s the album version of the track we featured on our mix, Stations. MP3:: The Nuclear – Stations WEB::

Twin Shadow – Changes

That haircut right there is enough on its own to make me want to discard my long-held biases and hit the New Palace to see Twin Shadow, aka George Lewis Jr., headline an HPX show there on Friday, Oct. 21st. Lewis released the much buzzed-about Forget last year, and even a cursory listen to the(…)