$2 Vietnamese Sandwiches and Peelers

As a service to you, our loyal and/or non-existent readership, I’ve decided to let you in on the best Sandwich bargain in Toronto. Just south of Bloor, right on Yonge, is a Vietnamese restaurant called Ginger. At this restaurant you can get huge Vietnamese Sandwiches for $2 and change. This is a hell of a [...]

Some of you need to shut the f*&k up, like Silent Bob

Friday night after work, I filtered into Roy Thompson Hall with every other person in Toronto that thought they were the biggest Kevin Smith fan. After watching the A Night with Kevin Smith DVD, I had a pretty good idea of what would go down. Sandwiched among the stupid questions about the Clerks cartoon, and [...]

Ack vs. Mack NCAA Bracket Challenge Update

I’m sure the world is dying to get an update on our 2 man NCAA pool. We aren’t playing for anything but pride, so that should make it even more interesting for everyone else. After the first weekend I hold a slight 150-149 lead over Ack. I have Kentucky to win and Ack has Stanford, [...]

We’re back, in blog form

Better find Moe Dee and ask him how he likes us now… As you may, or more likely, may not know, we’ve been away for awhile. Among many, many other things, we’ve been trying to figure out what our next move with this site is. But the wait is over and herohill.com is back. We’ve [...]