We Were Lovers – Islands

As we are currently experiencing a reprieve from the full onset of winter with Spring like temperatures in Halifax, I thought it appropriate to post this video from We Were Lovers, which is a beautifully shot homage to days spent outside in blissful, carefree sunshine. It’s also rather topical because this Saskatoon based duo of(…)

Jessy Lanza – Kathy Lee

I’m just back from a visit with the Ack & his family in Upper Canada (fun fact: many current residents of Upper Canada have no idea that was a thing). It was a great hanging with the Ack and his fam again, tooling around the various areas outside Hamilton, so it only seemed fitting to(…)

Royal Canoe – Bathtubs

HPX 2013 is about to launch into fever pitch mode, with Friday’s events already under way, with much more to come (damn you scheduling, why must the Plaskett/NS Symphony show take place at the same time as Shad’s only set?!?!?) and an over flowing Saturday of musical events still to come. So I thought I’d(…)

Shad – Fam Jam (Fe Sum Immigrins)

The Polaris Prize! People are talking about it! Well, perhaps not many actual people are, but at least everyone on the Internet is! But enough with the exclamation points. Since everyone is still huffing the Polaris vapours, let’s post up a vid from an album that’ll be on next year’s short-list. That album is Flying(…)

Polaris Video:: Colin Stetson

Better put the pedal to the metal if I’m going to finish posting on each video from the Polaris Prize short-list. Just means I can’t be writing a novel each time out, but that likely won’t be an issue today as we discuss our sixth short-listed act, bass saxophone master Colin Stetson. I say that(…)