Monday, August 17, 2009

News:: Culture Reject does Daytrotter

I first heard about this session months ago, and kept waiting for Daytrotter to add it to the vault. Days turned into weeks, and I assumed there had been technical difficulties or something. Then again, it's not like the talents of Culture Reject - aka Michael O’Connell - are in high demand and I'm sure people were banging down the Daytrotter's cyber door for other sessions first.

You see, for all you non-Canadian readers, Culture Reject is sort of a cult hero up here. Those who know of his music love him - I thought his self-titled was the 11th best Canadian album last year - but that's the problem. I bet you about two of my friends actually know who he is. The way he makes odd noises into beautiful melody is amazing and even after the release of his fantastic self-titled LP he still plays to small crowds. Visionaries showered him with praise, but for newbies wondering about his sound should look no farther than the following quote from ChartAttack:
"Culture Reject would undoubtedly be the lovechild sprung from the joining of Miracle Fortress' FIVE ROSES and Chad VanGaalen's SKELLICONNECTION"

That's pretty high praise up here, but don't think Culture reject sounds anything like either act. Michael's use of looping techniques and World influence makes for one the most unique and compelling sounds I've heard for years and hopefully now that the good folks at Daytrotter are hosting a tight 4-song session, some of their shine will glow on Michael.

MP3:: Culture Reject - Beach (Daytrotter)

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