Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quick Hitters:: The Paper Cranes Chivalry's Dead

Victoria’s The Paper Cranes are probably one of the most successful Canadian indie acts that no one seems to talk about. They got a huge plug from Pitchfork, played festivals all over the world and even had a track on a Nissan commercial, but they still kind of hover under the radar. Even OMC would think that was bizarre.

With their affectionate nod to influences from the other side of the pond that dominated Halcyon Days (especially the pure Cure feel of the dyn-o-mite single, I’ll Love You Till My Veins Explode), you’d think the BC quintet would be on every radio station in Canada, but instead Ryan McCullagh and his wife Miranda Roach are getting ready to release Chivalry’s Dead and no one seems to be excited.

That my friends, is a shame.

Halcyon Days was a delightful return to the synth dominated, blissful melancholy we grew up with, but outside of the infectious Telephone (NOTE: it must be mentioned that the harmonica on this song works perfectly by the way), Chivalry’s Dead opts for bigger, more sophisticated rockers. From start to finish, the echoing guitar, horns and swagger the band offers up shows nice growth from the peppy, black eyeliner pop they perfected on the last record, but still keeps the energy high and makes you move.

The album hits you in the mouth with a confidence and maturity from the opening notes. The bass line, drums and guitar blasts of the title track get your head nodding, but Ryan and Miranda opt to let the synths play a supporting role. The darker start sets the tone for the uptempo, bass heavy Black Centipedes which uses nice horns to really thicken up the sound and gives the nimble track a Spoon’s older brother feel. The mod sounds that dominate the chorus of Occidental Tourist would make Elvis Costello blush, but even with the darker tones and heavier sound, The Paper Cranes show they are still one of the most fun bands in Canada and Chivalry's Dead is a perfect addition to any summer party.

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