Friday’s Grab Bag

Most of my suggestions this week are in tribute to the Brushfire tour burning its way through Vancouver this week. Jack Johnson is playing Burnaby with singer/songwriter Matt Costa, and hippie favorites ALO.some live songs ep – Brushfire recordsFive of the six songs on this EP were recorded on Kelly Slater’s radio show K-OS. Mixing(…)

Jamie Kennedy X

I was willing to let Adrian Brody’s beat making adventure slide. I was even ok with people like Russell Crowe, and Kevin Bacon tossing their hats into the music making biz. The music was bad, but it didn’t really affect me. It got no attention, no radio play, and simlpy made us laugh. I mean,(…)

Elvis Will Not Leave The Building

If you’re Canadian, you’ve surely heard of Elvis Stojko, the world champion figure skater with a world class case of little man’s disease. While figure skating Elvis was winning world titles and Olympic medals, he was also rocking a mullet that would embarrass the skiviest of hockey players and injecting his own brand of machismo(…)

Friday’s Grab Bag

This week’s music selections are dedicated to Rafe Palmeiro. This music makes you want to dance… around questions about steroid use.Iron & Wine/Calexico – Lays in the ReinsSam Beam is working at a hectic rate. In the last two years he has released an album, a single, an EP, contributed to soundtracks and now has(…)

Rafael Palmeiro: Impotent Cheater

“I have never used steroids. Period”. That was Rafael Palmeiro’s position on the steroids issue when he went before the US congress in March. I’m guessing he’s changed his tune now that he’s been suspended 10 games for a positive steroid test. Seriously, this almost sets a new level for douche-baggery in pro sports, and(…)

Friday’s Grab Bag

It’s Friday, so other than me moving into my new apartment, we know all herohill readers are anxiously waiting to hear our musical recommendations for the week. So, like Slick Rick said, “here we go”: Marching Bands of Manhattan – Death Cab for CutieThanks to the OC, Death Cab finally made the jump from great(…)

I have to think about it/Je dois penser.

Well, I am in a point in my life where I will soon be proposing to my longtime girlfriend. If all goes according to plan she will say yes immediately, without hesitation. When the time comes for when I do propose to her, I hope she will not leave me hanging and give me a,(…)

Fancy Lancey

Lancey, Lance, Lance, Lance. Perhaps you heard about it, but Lance Armstrong won his 7th straight Tour De France on Sunday. That is truly an amazing feat. Add to it the fact that he had a serious case of nutsac cancer before he even won his first one and it makes it all the more(…)

Music to ride bikes to

I’ve been a little slow on the uptake since I moved out to Van city. Combine the new job, living on a couch, looking for a place to live, and the amazing scenery and it is easy to see how my time has started to slip by with little productive work resulting. I have finally(…)

Friday’s Grab Bag

No, I’m not talking about Aitken and Hearn’s after work activities. I’m talking about herohill’s new music recommendations. These are the cds that have been rocking our ipods this week:Imogen Heap – Speak for Yourself Fresh off the hype from the Frou Frou track featured in Garden State, Imogen financed her own solo album. For(…)