Backstreet is back????

I have to admit, I never understood the appeal of standing in front of a building, and screaming with pure joy when I saw a second rate (or first rate for that matter) celebrity. I can’t understand how girls yelled and screamed each time Paul and John did the little head waggle during Beatlemania. I(…)

Nike’s New ID

You like sneakers? Of course you do, everyone does these days. But rather than pay crazy dough for a pair of those limited edition design-house Nikes people are clamoring for lately, why not design your own? Nike has re-launched their NikeID site, which is a site that allows you to pick a Nike shoe and(…)

Rogue Wave/The Helio Sequence @ El Mocambo

This was an interesting lineup. Rogue Wave and the Helio Sequence. Rogue Wave is the latest in Sub Pop’s never ending arsenal of poppy Shins-esque bands that are crafting their own sound and finding their audiences growing. Helio Sequence is a Sub Pop, two-piece that has put out three albums in relative anonymity (the latest(…)

Smooth Criminal

Ok. The verdict is in. Shocker, the King of Pop walked free. I have no idea if he was guilty of molesting this kid, no one really does, but if any of the accounts are true, MJ has touched more kid’s than the Make a Wish Foundation. Before I started my rant, I don’t want(…)

Alanis Still Big On Irony

For some bizarre reason, Alanis sang the American anthem before game 1 of the NBA Finals last night. For those that aren’t aware, Alanis is Canadian. Oops, I mean she was Canadian. Since becoming an American citizen in February, Alanis now considers herself an “American-Canadian”. How nice. I wonder if she still considers herself “too(…)

Hold up… they let this dude slide?

We at herohill are not ones to type cast anyone. I hate to be judged on my physical appearance, although it happens regularly. For example, when I cross the US/Canada border, I usually get stopped, and asked politely if I am carrying drugs. Sometimes, I end up naked in a room for 20 minutes while(…)

WTF Is Wrong With People…Vol 3

Exactly one year after my last installment, here’s the latest version of WTF Is Wrong With People? I had intended to make this a regular series of posts about the things people do on a daily basis that annoy me, but it appears it hasn’t worked out to be as regular as I planned. But(…)

Transcending All Borders

Herohill has always believed in giving back. Unfortunately, we don’t really make anything, so giving back isn’t always easy. Currently we are teaming up with the transcending all borders relief aid project (TABRA). We are helping redesign the site, and creating Web copy (because, not to blow our own horns, but we write some good(…)

I Hate Bruce Bowen

And if you like him I hate you too. Well I don’t hate you, but I’m sure I’d get all mad at you if we talked about hoops at a party. With Steve Nash’s unbelievable play in the 2005 playoffs, I’ve jumped willingly on the Suns bandwagon. So watching the Spurs beat the Suns twice(…)

J.Tigg Is Desperate For Attention

Somehow herohill has ended up on the distribution list of an up and coming rapper named J.Tigg. We’ve received 2 emails now announcing J.Tigg’s new EP, Texas Drought, and inviting Herohill to “Be the first to experience this new and exciting artist”. We didn’t want to miss out on such an exciting opportunity, so after(…)