The iPod Has Jumped The Shark

Well perhaps it hasn’t jumped yet, but it has it’s leather jacket on and is revving it’s motorcycle in anticipation of a Robbie Knievel style leap over shark infested waters. Actually, with all the accessories available for now, I wouldn’t be surprised if you could buy a leather jacket and motorcycle for your iPod. But(…)

The Big Dance

No, I’m not talking about Aitken doing the floating foot, I’m talking about the NCAAs. It finished up with another great game last night. UNC brought home a title for Roy Williams, while Illi just couldn’t find the legs to knock down some open looks and end up with the most wins in one NCAA(…)

Hello, My Name Is

People are stupid. Just when you think you’ve got a grasp on just how stupid people are, someone comes along and kicks it up a notch like a stupid Emeril. Some woman in Tennessee (Tennessee? Arrested Development we need you more than ever) has sold her name to the king of wacky stunts, Golden(…)

I’m Hating It…Word

I don’t like McDonalds. Loyal readers know I’m no fan of their “food”. Their whole revolutionary sandwich campaign is truly genius and also very annoying. Subway, Quizno’s, Mr. Sub, and all kinds of local sub/sandwich shops have been in the biz for years, but McDonalds comes on the scene and sandwiches are supposed to be(…)

Herohill shoe-in of the week

We at herohill like the good ole days. Classic hip hop, basketball, and most importantly, classic shoes. We are starting a new feature focusing on old skool kicks. We won’t be talking about the trendy remakes of shoes that cost $250 bucks at JetRag on Queen that no one outside of Europe ever wore. Today,(…)

Moby’s New Album Sucks

Not that I’ve actually heard the album, or ever plan on listening to it, but based on Pitchforks’ scathing review, I’m lead to believe it’s terrible. It’s not that I have a ton of faith in Pitchfork’s rating system, but in this case, I believe them wholeheartedly. And here is why: I hate Moby. Perhaps(…)

See you in the hall of fame #12

The year was 1991. My father was taking me on my first trip to Toronto’s then world class entertainment centre Skydome. My friends would all attest that nobody would rival me as the biggest Blue Jays fan in the world at this point in my life. A lot had changed for the team in the(…)

We Don’t Know Randy Orton

I thought I’d take a few moments to clear up some confusion for the young ladies from Britain and elsewhere that keep leaving comments in our celeb mail section for WWE superstar Randy Orton. Here’s the deal ladies: we don’t know Randy Orton, we don’t really care about Randy Orton, Randy Orton surely doesn’t care(…)