Markus Naslund: Toughest Man Alive

We all remember the ugly Todd Bertuzzi-Steve Moore incident from this past NHL season. Bertuzzi and his Canuck cronies were trying to get some revenge on Moore for hurting their beloved captain Markus Naslund with a legal check. There was no penalty on the play, but the Canucks figured they were right and frontier justice(…)

Circus, Circus

We here at herohill have stayed away from discussing the NHL lockout for the most part. The truth is we could really care less. After all, it’s just boring NHL hockey anyway. With the Canadian sports highlights shows still dedicating 50% of their airtime to the subject there is really no need for us to(…)

Feschuk, another gem

Herohill is obviously not a fan of Feschuk, his nonsense, and his blatant self contradictions. With a rapier wit and great observations points out how the slam dunk is dead, and every dunk has been done (only to point out in his next column that Amare’s dunk was unique and exciting – you’ve lost me(…)

An Open Letter to People at Concerts.

Hey, Thanks for paying the horrendous service charge at Ticketmaster to come support live music. It is great to see so many of you here, especially for a show when you only really know the song Rick the Temp introduces once a day on MM. Oh, wait, here comes the band. Ok, now we have(…)

Feschuk vs Coaches

It’s been a couple weeks since we’ve had a Feschuk post on the hill, but as you can imagine if you follow the Raptors at all, he’s been having a good time. The nuttiness surrounding the Raps reached a fever pitch last week with Rafer and Sam Mitchell having another “disagreement” at halftime of a(…)

Funky For You

Hey yoDizzy Gillespie plays a saxMe, myself, I love to maxRedbone booties I’m out to waxStick up kids is out to taxSpring again, and I’m feelin finePass me an ice-cold glass of wineSo I can get mellowLay back, and let my girl play the celloHelloI hate Jell-OLet me be me, relax in my teepeeWatch a(…)\stalkanna.htm

Not very often do I blink an eye when i hear a stalking stroy any more, especially if it involves Anna Kournikova. Most times I simply assume it is Bure or Federov just trying to spark up the ole romance. But this story was a mind blower. Anna was stalked by a homeless dude. If(…)

A Super Lesson

Another Super Bowl has come and gone without the Saints (surprise!), and the Patriots have officially been declared a dynasty by all the football pundits who feel they are qualified to give out such titles. In thinking about this super bowl, I realized there was a good lesson for you kids out there. I know(…)

6 More Weeks of Winter

We’d might as well face the fact that we’re going to have 6 more weeks of winter. As horrible as winter has been in Toronto, we’ll have to face 6 more weeks of it. Other Groundhogs didn’t see their shadow, but Nova Scotia’s own Shubenacadie Sam saw his, and that’s good enough for me. In(…)