A.A. Wallace

A.A. Wallace – Offline

A.A. Wallace – Offline

I’m not sure if there’s an official genre we can attach to the music being made by A.A. Wallace (the release for his new single mentions “bedroom disco”, which I enjoy more than anything with “house” in it), but I know this: I like it. We’ve already posted a couple jams from the former Sleepless(…)

A.A. Wallace – Bowie

Halifax electro ace A.A. Wallace has a new single out, and a plum gig coming up in a couple weeks opening for the currently much-buzzed-about Rich Aucoin during his hometown show at Reflections. So then, let’s post that new single, shall we? You can visit A.A.’s Bandcamp for a couple alternate versions of the song,(…)

A.A. Wallace – Shake it Out (Whaleskin Remix)

How shall we see off this Tuesday? With dancing of course, and the Whaleskin remix of A.A. Wallace’s Shake It Out will do rather nicely. MP3:: A.A. Wallace – Shake it Out (Whaleskin Remix) WEB:: aawallace.bandcamp.com

herohill vs. Gordon Lightfoot: Turning Back The Pages Of My Sweet Shattered Dreams

So “hear” it is. The result of months of hard work from some of our favorite bands across this nation (and even a special cameo from one of our favorite American outfits). Basically, the idea was simple: Pay tribute to a Canadian legend on Canada Day. Oh, and get some free content for the blog(…)