Bonjay – Gimmee Gimmee

Bonjay! Here’s a fact, nobody doesn’t love Bonjay. I’m basing that generalization on what I’ve read in the past about the innovative duo comprised of Alanna Stuart and Ian “Pho” Swain, but we certainly enjoy the Bonjay here at the hill as well. They are the 7th post in our attempt to post on every(…)

News:: Halifax Pop Explosion 2011 Initial Lineup Announced

Party People…Party People….can ya’ll get funky?!?! (said in Afrika Bambaataa Planet Rock electro voice, natch) The summer is rapidly flying by is a blaze of, well, rain and fog for yer pals out here in Halifax, so that’s kind of a bummer. BUT, the end of summer also has a silver lining, football season!!!! Sorry,(…)