Chris Page

Video Hits:: Papermaps, Chris Page & The Happy Unfortunate

What’s this, a Monday Video Hits? Unheard of! It’s strange I know, but this was intended for last week until work decided to kick my ass on Thursday & Friday, and so Monday videos it is!   This is going to come as a surprise to roughly no one that reads the hill, but trying [...]

HPX ’11:: Herohill BBQ & Showcase!

Wait, have we gotten to this point, a mere two weeks before the 2011 Halifax Pop Explosion, uhhhhh, explodes out of the gate without posting on the almighty Herohill showcase? It appears that we have, but that’s a wrong we’re obviously righting at this very moment.   But we can’t talk about the showcase without [...]

Contest:: Win a Camp Radio limited edition 7″

You see that fancy poster ^^^? Well, it’s the first of many ways we are spreading the word about the herohill, Saved By Vinyl, Kelp Records HPX mega jams happening during HPX. We’ve loved both labels for many moons now, so getting the chance to get some of their artists on not one, but two [...]

Favorites-of 2010:: Canadian LPs 30-21

So here it is. The LPs list. For anyone that might be reading herohill for the first time, the list might look a little chaotic, but for the readers that have been around for a while, these 30 LPs are ones I’ve gushed about over and over again. I wasn’t going to draw it out [...]