Dan-e-o - Worldwide Vapors f. Big Kish & Maestro Fresh Wes

Toronto! Uhhhh, how’s it going? Perhaps you’ve heard, but Canada’s largest city has been having a few “issues” with it’s mayor of late. I sense this is weighing heavily on the shoulders of Hogtown’s denizens, so how about a little something today to remind us all of Toronto the good? How about helping birth Canadian(…)

DJ Mel Boogie - Vapors 2012 f. Kish, Dan-e-o & Maestro

Here is a updated version of the Biz classic The Vapors from DJ Mel Boogie (Maestro’s sister!) featuring Kish, Dan-E-O and Maestro himself. Yes, you read that correctly. Is there really anything else to say after such an awesome into? Nope. You should already be listening to it, but it’s a fun tune featuring 3(…)