Dan Mangan

HPX ’11:: Day Three Jamz

  So we’re a couple days into HPX 2011, and because we haven’t been out yet, we’ll quote our favorite uber-drunk Gus’ patron “What’s up with the music guys, IS IT AWESOME?” That’s more of a rhetorical question really, we know most of the shows have probably been awesome. Not awesome: the rain. As per(…)

Reviews:: Dan Mangan Oh Fortune

Originally, I wasn’t going to review Dan Mangan’s stellar new LP, Oh Fortune. Not because the record wasn’t worthy — it’s a fantastic, cohesive, full band affair — or because I didn’t think Mangan pushed his limits or extended his reach. Even the most cursory listen reveals a change in sound and surprising new textures,(…)

News:: Halifax Pop Explosion 2011 Initial Lineup Announced

Party People…Party People….can ya’ll get funky?!?! (said in Afrika Bambaataa Planet Rock electro voice, natch) The summer is rapidly flying by is a blaze of, well, rain and fog for yer pals out here in Halifax, so that’s kind of a bummer. BUT, the end of summer also has a silver lining, football season!!!! Sorry,(…)