pat Jordache

Best-of ’11:: Pat Jordache Future Songs

Last year, I fell in love with Pat Jordache’s self-released bandcamp/tape release, Future Songs. The fractured sunshine-kissed melodies and Patrick’s rolling baritone fit the lo-fi aesthetic to a T, and the LP consumed me. I remember my excitement as I sunk into the mix of tribal beats, sensual croons, and shockingly pop melodies. Unable to [...]

Favorites-of 2010:: Canadian LPs (20-11)

On with the show. To be fair, I would bet there are records that should have been in the Top 30 that slipped outside so I could give some shine to bands I love that are making big strides, but from twenty to number one, we have heavy hitters and top shelf efforts. So sit [...]

Best-of ’10:: Half way there (LPs)

  Apollo Ghosts :: Mount Benson - review   I’ve been riding Apollo Ghosts hard these last few months, including a constant barrage of tweets/posts to the Polaris jury hoping to help push them onto the short list. Mount Benson is a rough album in construction, but one that’s almost perfect in its fragmented nostalgia. [...]