Southern Shores

Southern Shores – Marazul

I’m sure we’ve said something to this effect before about Toronto-via-Halifax duo Southern Shores, but if you’re looking for a escapist listening experience, it’s hard to top these guys. Crank up a track like Marazul on a bland November day and suddenly you envision yourself cranking out your TPS Reports from the edge of a(…)

Southern Shores Remixes

Southern Shores Remixes

I know pretty much nothing about Work Drugs, other than the assumption that mine would be more enjoyable if I had some. Same goes for Wintercoats – I know not of the musical variety, but am familiar with utilizing one to keep the cold at bay. But I know this: Southern Shores are awesome. And(…)

Southern Shores – Night Is Young

I’m sure we’ll have a proper review of their new EP (Atlantic, on Cascine Records) posted soon, but I’ve been bumping Night Is Young from Halifax’s Southern Shores all morning, so I thought I’d share it. Enjoy the 90’s R&B instrumentally goodness of this one. MP3:: Southern Shores – Night Is Young WEB::