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Date:: OCT 25th/06

Artist:: Hezekiah Jones
Label:: Yer Bird records
Album:: Days in the Wake - Palace Brothers
Track:: I am a Cinematographer

Why:: Will Oldham, to me, is one of the great American songwriters. I put him up there with writers like Woody Gutherie, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Lucinda Williams, and Lou Reed. There's not much you can say about him that he doesn't say himself through his music. I guess I would say honest and intimate. I loved the sound of it all, like you were in his bedroom while he was playing the songs. It blew me away. I don't do alot of covers, other than a Matt Helm song, a Beatles song, and this Will Oldham song. I sped it up a bit and added some harmonies, but it doesn't come close to the original. I suggest you check out the real version when you get a chance.

MP3: I am a Cinematographer - Hezekiah Jones

Sept. 25th/06

Artist:: Evan Duby
Label:: unsigned
Album:: Nebraska - Bruce Springsteen
Track:: State Trooper

Why:: There is magic in Springsteen's Nebraska. From the cold looking cover art to the desperate characters walking through the songs, this album has always held some kind of mystery for me. This is a record were simplicity, sparseness, and lo-fi tape hiss are meaningful colors. read more...

MP3: State Trooper - Evan Duby

Date:: AUG 21st/06

Artist:: Ian Love
Label:: limekiln records
Album:: The Complete - Hank Williams
Track:: Lost on the River

Why:: As far as the hank song, I used to work at brownies (a club in NY) doing sound , and I heard clem snide cover it and I always wanted to do a version as well, so when I started doing more solo shows I thought it would fit in nicely. It seemed to work nice with my voice and on top of that it's one of the most beautiful sad songs ever so I thought that kind of fits in with me as well.

M4A:: Lost on the River - Ian Love

Date:: AUG 18th/06

Artist:: Will Stratton
Label:: stunning models on display
Album:: Pink Moon - Nick Drake
Track:: Place to Be

Why:: Pink Moon" is my favorite album of all time. People say it sounds sad or depressed but most of the time I just don't hear it that way. Nick was definitely a fragile man at the end of his life, but in his guitar work and his vocals I hear such indescribable hopefulness and certainty. read more...

MP3:: Place to Be - Will Stratton

Date:: AUG 9th/06

Artist:: kyle andrews
Label:: badman recordings
Album:: Yellow Submarine - the Beatles
Track:: Hey Bulldog

Why:: The Beatles always have great melodies, they are fun, a little crazy too. This song is totally rippin. They make hooks out of the strangest guitar figures. If I could bring the Beatles all back to life and get them to play two songs perfectly in my living room, it would be this and A Day in the Life. read more...

MP3:: Hey Bulldog - Kyle Andrews


Artist:: Brian Sendrowitz - Beat Radio
Label:: unsigned
Album:: Van Morrison - Astral Weeks
Track:: They Way Young Lovers Do

Why:: The performances on Astral Weeks seem superhuman to me. Van's singing on the record mystifies me. His phrasing seems like it is infinitely nuanced; the way he twists words in and out of themselves and gets into these bizarre repetitions, or his sense of dynamics in the way he can be so gentle and sweet and then so powerful and attack these incredible high notes so fiercely. read more...

MP3:: The Way Young Lovers Do - Brian Sendrowitz