Thursday, March 25, 2004

$2 Vietnamese Sandwiches and Peelers

As a service to you, our loyal and/or non-existent readership, I've decided to let you in on the best Sandwich bargain in Toronto. Just south of Bloor, right on Yonge, is a Vietnamese restaurant called Ginger. At this restaurant you can get huge Vietnamese Sandwiches for $2 and change. This is a hell of a deal, no matter how you slice it. I love sandwiches, and deals, so this is clearly a win-win proposition. I believe they come in both chicken and pork varieties, but we should send Ack down there to see if they have a veggie version.

I've only actually had a bite of one of these sandwiches, but that one bite was excellent. The man who force-fed me that bite, Mr. Mike Somers, swears by these sandwiches and the excellent food for money value they provide. In fact he brought two of these sandwiches to our flag football game a couple weeks ago and ate them both right before we played. So I'll assume they also make a great pre-workout meal as well. However, there is one place you cannot bring these sandwiches - The Brass Rail, the peeler bar right beside the restaurant. My friend Mike tried to bring a sandwich in The Brass Rail once, and the bouncers were not amused.

So if you're in the Yonge & Bloor area and have a hankering for a sandwich, get yourself a $2 Vietnamese sandwich. But if you're thinking of visiting The Brass Rail, finish your sandwich first.

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