In case you missed the news, Bobby Brown is out of jail…for now. He was in jail in Boston for one day after telling a judge he “didn’t have the money” to pay 60,000 in child support and being sentenced to 90 days. I guess he managed to get ahold of Whitney in the rehab and get her to wire that cash to him.

Taking shots at the Houston/Brown family is far to easy and done by all the usual tabloid suspects. But seriously, what has happened to Bobby? When I was in junior high (FJHS stand up!), Bobby looked like he was going to dominate the R&B for years. I don’t mind admitting “Every Little Step” was one of my favorite jams from my youth and still gets me hyped up. So what happened? Why hasn’t put out anything tolerable since “Humpin’ Around”? Personally I hold Whitney responsible. I think the fast life she introduced him to was too much for a naive young man from Boston, and he hasn’t been able to recover.

I think the New Edition boys need to step in with an intervention. Michael “Biv” Bivins or Devoe need to organize something. I always thought Johnny Gill seemed like a reliable fellow, maybe they can get him involved. I know he replaced Bobby in the group and may still feel like an outsider, but I think John would help.