It is a disturbing new trend that every writer, blogger, high school loser has decided that they must spend their days attacking the jocks that made their teenage years horrible. It wasn’t their fault that you wanted to play basketball but couldn’t do a left-hand lay-up, anymore then it was your fault they couldn’t tell you how many hit points an goblin should have.

It seems funny to me to think that all these people still think that any high school jock is still the same person you all hated as you stayed at home ranting about how you wouldn’t go to their party even if they asked you. Have you changed? Of course you have, so why can’t they? I was reading an article by Chuck Klosterman where he decided that Rick Helling was his archenemy. Sure, makes sense. Why Chuck decided that someone he probably hasn’t talked to in more then 20 years is his life long enemy makes no sense (except for pure comic value). But, I won’t detract from his argument, since Rick Helling actually made it as a superstar athlete and won the World Series last year. The green-eyed monster could still be valid, because what American boy wouldn’t want to be a pitcher in the American classic?

What irks me is people who hate the starting QB from their 1-11 high school team that never even played University level sports. How can you hate a guy (ten years later) who never did anything that was sports related after he walked off the field in HS? Did he parlay his ability to run the option and not being able to throw the ball downfield into a job in the Senate? Doubt it. Your man probably still lives in the same city, or walks faceless just like you. You know what, he also probably is more like you then you realize. You might know this as the long journey to the middle, where 99% of people end up.

So stop hating on the guy who got the girls in high school ten years ago. High school will never change, no matter how many teenage melodramas attempt to make the quiet nerd “the man”. High school kids are followers, and always will be. Free thought is impossible when everyone wants the same thing. The people that are unique are usually the ones that end up doing something amazing, not the jocks, or the people that want to be the jocks.

So, in conclusion, let’s all just grow up. If you need to hate someone, hate the people that make Britney a star, or the people that decided it was ok to charge 4 bucks for a coffee at Starbuck’s, or the people that are trying to bring back 80′s fashion. Why waste your time hating someone who probably has a worse life then you.