Herohill.com was started in the basketball capital of Canada, Halifax. Don’t ask me how Halifax got that title, but it’s pretty fitting, we love us some hoops out there. So it’s only natural that we put some basketball content on the site (be sure and check out the AllHeroHIll team in the left hand menu if you haven’t already). In that vein, I was intending to do a post today discussing the suckiness of the Raps this year and how I’ve mentally checked out on them despite the fact that I still have 3 games left to watch. But then the big news: Glen Grunwald was fired as GM of the Raptors.

On the whole, I think this is a good thing. I’d say it’s certainly time to bring in someone else and let them try their hand at building a winning team up here. Grunwald just couldn’t make the right moves in the last few years. He couldn’t manage to find the one or two players to compliment VC and take some of the scoring load from him. He couldn’t find the right guys to stock his bench with (or he couldn’t convince the guys he really wanted to come north of the border), so when injuries came, the Raps struggled mightily. The lack of decent free agents only magnified the fact that he didn’t draft well enough to find players that could stick around and contribute - Mo Pete, Alex Radojevic, Michael Bradley, and Chris Jefferies (via trade) were all first round picks and have all been underwhelming in their own special way.

But I’ll try and refrain from doing the special kind of piling on the Toronto media lives for when things are going bad with one of the local squads. Grunwald did some good things here and should get props for that. He was responsible for bringing Vince here and VC pretty much put the Raps on the map; not only raising the profile of the Raptors throughout North America, but also finally getting the attention of Torontonians who awoke from their Maple Leaf trance long enough to acknowledge their presence. He also brought veterans like AD and Oak here to help make the Raps a playoff team (however briefly). People seem to forget the whole “sky is falling” feeling that surrounded the Raps after T-Mac left and people were convinced there was a conspiracy to get VC on an American team. Grunwald re-signed him, and if anyone discounts that based on Vince’s subsequent injury troubles, they need to check the history. He also drafted Chris Bosh, who looks like he could be a very good player for years to come.

But we can’t live on past glories, especially in the win-now sporting age we’re in. So good luck in your future endeavors Glen, and here’s hoping they make a good choice picking his successor.

PS. The Raptors still suck