And then there were three....

Ladies and gentleman, we have a new guest ranter. If was in an armwrestle, we would now be turning our hats to the back, because we just went over the top. He likes to say what others think, but would never say. Installment 1 of Turner's tirades:

Lets talk terror...I read that the U.S. has issued a terror alert for the summer, saying they have collected intelligence that State's transit systems are at risk. Good for people to know, if your a fear monger. Gone are the days when the government was able to eliminate threats without it's people being the wiser.

Tactics like the terror alert are merely tools for the Bush government to keep it's people frightened. Frightened people are an obedient people. The tactic works. How many times did your mother say "stop making that face, it will freeze that way".? Parents are the masters of the scare tactic, but in our youthful wisdom we systematically erased mothers theories and will the American people. You can only cry wolf so many times. Yes, there is a credible threat're the United States, the Nelson Munse of the world. I don't want to come off as insensitive. 911 was a tragedy and many innocent people died. However innocent people die every day around this world and most at the hands of the U.S. government. You want a terror alert, here's one: "If you live in a third world country with oil, or diamond mines, if you live under a government other than a democracy, beware the U.S. They will stop at nothing to destroy you and control your country."

I rarely feel the need to get political, however the "war on terror", has made me take notice. We do not live in a free and democratic society, we never have. As Canadians we feel the need to downplay our role, speak out against our American counterparts...and yet we still let them treat us like crap, we are Ned Flanders to their Homer Simpson. Welcome to Canada - door mat to the United States, please wipe your feet before you enter. So how can we as Canadians stand up and let our friends to the south know how we feel...we can't.

We are one, what's ours is theirs. Unfortunately our national pride and our sense of tradition has been killed by the U.S. dollar, McDonald's and Walmart. The frightening part of this fact is if we, as Canadian people, can see the line between Canada and the U.S. blurring. You can bet the terrorists can see it as well, no one is closer in proximity(save Mexico), and no one is more unable to defend itself(save even they would put up more of a fight.) So next time you hear of a terror alert realize that we live next to the worlds largest thug, and it's always the innocent bystander that gets gunned down in the drive by shooting.

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