Thursday, May 13, 2004

but it looks so natural...

This is just a quick how-to-do for some cats holding onto the dream like stallone in that stupid cliff hanger movie. Stop holding onto your youth with such false hope. The dream is dead.

For those who are confused, I am talking about the combover. WTF??? Do you really think people think you aren't bald? C'maaaan guy. Do you really think that strategically spreading those four longs strands of hair around your head in an ice cream swirl makes the ladies think you are rocking a soap opera style coif? NAY.

Seriously, the bald look is getting some play these days. Chrome domes are mad fashionable. Moby rocks one. So does every pseudo bald hipster in the world today. Ladies think bald cats are sophisticated and secure in themselves. Plus, for some reason, women think bald dudes are all going to look like Jean-Luc Picard. Give it a try. You are only one gust of wind away from embarrassing yourself long time.

You don't even have to shave it all off. Rock a cul-de-sac. Anything. PLEASE. The resurgence of the 80's trend, and cock-rockers have made the mullet a viable fashion trend, but there WILL never be a time where URBAN Outfitters and the shops in Yorkville cater to the combover. It is this simple. YOU ARE BALD. DEAL WITH IT.

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