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Once again we find more proof to back ATCQs’ industry rule number four thousand and eighty - record company people are shady. It seems record companies had been withholding some $50 million in unpaid royalties from artists they "couldn’t find". While they were presumably scouring the globe looking for these artists, they were holding these royalties in bank accounts and collecting interest from them. Apparently these music types are either changing labels, moving from one gigantic rock-star mansion to another, or just dying. All of this makes it tough for these gigantic companies with thousands of people on their payrolls to track them down.

Record companies can track down a 12 year old girl to sue for illegally downloading music, but they can’t find P.Diddy. That’s right, P. Diddy was on the list of artists they couldn’t find. Now whether or not Diddy actually deserves to be paid for his music is another matter, but I sure as hell bet he’s not hard to find. In fact, I would think it would be more of a challenge to not find him then find him. The Puffy one is everywhere these days. If he’s not running marathons or somehow appearing on broadway, he’s on TV playing the poor man’s hip hop Trump. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was standing behind me right now.

They also didn’t know where to find Elvis, David Bowie, Dave Mathews, Gloria Estefan, John Mellencamp, and Dolly Parton. If you consider that Elvis’ estate has been turned into a theme park, Dolly Parton actually built her own theme park, and that 75% of the people in Miami probably know Gloria Estefan personally, it doesn’t seem like these folks would be hard to track down either. But the aforementioned probably don’t even need the money (although my man Cougar Mellencamp might be a little hard up these days), there are hundreds of struggling artists out there who could probably really use the 10 or 20 thousand dollars they’re due. It’s ironic that those artists are the ones who are hurt the most by this, but are also the ones the recording industry says they’re trying to protect to by eliminating file sharing. Perhaps if they were actually getting all the money they were due from their record sales, they wouldn't be hit as hard by the evils of file sharing.

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