This is too mind blowing for a full post. I truly can't fathom this. Ice-T is working on a new album. Ok, that might not shock everyone, so wait for it, wait for it, wait for it... It isn't his album, it is a rap album for David Hasslehoff. He actually calls him Hassle the Hoff, and the Hoff. He needs to fawk Hoff. I know David is pulling a Tom Waits, being big in Japan (and Germany), but c'maaaaaan guy. The 50 year old ladies that loved your short shorts and poppy fun songs from your other album aren't going to line up to hear your witty rap lyrics and see your new bling bling (because I am sure you are already getting a golden lifeguard buoy for your first show).

To Ice-T.. dude, you played yourself

@ 6:30 AM, craps kicked the following game:

Champions Juventus, AC Milan, Lazio and Fiorentina
could be relegated from Serie A and forced out of European
competition if found guilty.


@ 1:38 PM, term life kicked the following game:

ne kislo vse tut г vas


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