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In society today, we are all searching heroes. As each day gets worse than the one before, the media is grabbing onto anything that they can to help cover up the horrible decisions that are made everyday. Nowhere is this more true than with today's athletes.

I am sick of hearing how taxing it is for Kobe Bryant to fly back and forth to Colorado between games and still be able to drop 30. He is on trial for rape. I don't know if he is innocent or guilty, but we all know he had sex with the woman when he was away for 1 day. Should we feel bad that he has to fly back to LA to play every night. He should feel good he doesn't have to cuddle up next to a guy named Bubba. His wealth is buying him a legal team that innocent or guilty will get him off. I don't think we should feel bad for a man who is allowed to keep going on with his life, when most wouldn't get the chance.

Everyday some athlete does drugs, abuses his wife, mouths off about needing more money, or demands a trade because things haven't gone his way even though he signed for 250 million dollars. These things are all ignored if our "heroes" smash a dinger, or drop 30 in the big game.

If you need to find your hero between the lines, I think it is time to give one man the dues he has earned. Kevin Garnett. When this guy came out as a high schooler, everyone balked at the pick, saying he had an attitude problem, and was too undisciplined to play. He was no Kobe, and since then, he is no T-Mac, no Allan. Year after year, all these big names have been given it all, and have let people down. Garnett, much like Tim Duncan, and countless other athletes that just do their job, go unnoticed. They don't make waves, they just work hard. Garnett has never demanded to be traded, he has shouldered the blame for his teams inability to win and he has done it all with relatively little excuse making. It is time we started rewarding athletes (and everyone else) for what they do to help a community, their team and for being a positive role model. We all know how hard it is to escape from the harsh realities of the world we live in, so I for one was happy to see the T-Wolves ride KG to a huge game 7 win, and I hope it continues as they battle the Lakers. We all know Kobe needs some relaxation time after his hectic schedule in and on the courts.

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