Bry Hard 2: Bry Hard in a Mall

The next segment of shit I hate:

90) Pires, his soul patch and his flopping
89) Dudes who leave the top button unbuttoned and wear no undershirt. No one, and I mean no one, wants to see that
88) People who go into places like Subway or McDonalds and are blown away by the menu. "What, I'll have a 9 inch sub, please. Oh ok, two 6 inch then. What is the difference between 2 six inch and a footlong?" Shut the F up and move on Ron
87) People who buy new Tom Clancy and John Grisham books as soon as they come out... I'd rather read the back of my cereal box from now until Nickleback gets elected into the Rock n Roll hall of fame (meaning, my eternity in hell)
86) Idiot music critics that always says "Hip hop died with PE", then give new bands glowing reviews, but still say they hate the album and bitch about how great it was in 87 (but man, it was some good shit in 87)
85) Telemarketers who call me, and ask me to stay on the line...and put my shit on hold. Like they are doing me a favor trying to sell me their crap, so I SHOULD wait for them
84) People who pimp up shitbox cars. If you are going to throw 5 G's into your rusted out Neon, just upgrade and by my dad's old Honda. It still has the H on it so you know it is a Honda
83) The fact ugly bucketheads like Marc Anthony are swimming in women. If he was in your high school, you'd all be calling him creepy and laughing in his grill after he got shoved in a locker
82) Art people who see something that is obvious crap, and try to explain the significance. "You see, he was trying to show the turmoil in the world, that is why he took a dook in a glass box. It is really powerful"
81) Rugby players. "Hey, we play a sport with asshole rules, and get our ears ripped off, that entitles us to wear our rugby shirts to a bar, act loud, wrestle and annoy anyone we meet"

@ 2:23 PM, turner kicked the following game:

1.pants under skirts...we all know you hug need to advertise.
2.people who believe that rappers today are still "hard core", there are none.
3.people who hate on the yanks...not since 1980 has a team won a world series without "buying it" in some way.
4.people who play pick up ball like they are earning a salary.... goggles
6.the music industry...for shunning anyone with actual musical talent.....


@ 2:24 PM, turner kicked the following game:

ack, i'll count up and meet you in the middle.


@ 9:40 AM, turner kicked the following game:

7.The Toronto blue jays
8.The toronto raptors
9.The Toronto maple Leafs(clearly they would be at the top of the list but I was on a t.o. roll.)
10.Soccer guys who try to play other sports...stop all the hustle, there is no need to guard me at half.
11.Bush....senior...obviously he and chaney are the puppet masters.'s like having to pick between nickleback creed and theory of a deadman...


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