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Reading Shane's post on the DOC made me flash back to the late 80's and early 90's (aka. the golden age of hip hop). With all the watered down, radio friendly beats getting passed off as street beats, thinking about the D into the O into the C, got me thinking about other albums I loved.

Obviously, without a doubt, the list was long. I could sit here and talk about albums we all loved, but I am going to drop some science for the people. The band, Rodney O and Joe Cooley. The album, F*&k; New York. This album was as hard as three day old shit.


It was west coast, it was gangsta, and to quote a wise man, these dogs had chops. This was fronting the East Coast/West Coast beef before everyone grabbed ahold of Tupac's style for the ride. The single, "y'all don't hear me" though starts off by dissing Hammer. You might be thinking, so what, but in '93, people were picking peanuts out of Hammer's shit to put on their sundaes. Attacking pop rappers, jebus, I wish they would write some songs about Nelly and Lil' Jon. People hate on the lyrics saying they were elementary, but back then, what gangsta rap wasn't? Tell me you aren't feeling:

Time for me to kick another fly funky verse
And if I die, put a sound system in my hearse
You don't hear me though, here's a title, bro
I'm callin money when I slam down my domino
Ugh - fever in the funk house
Yeah, and if you play, then you know what I'm talkin about
Who you're foolin when you say that you can fade the O?
I got a New York critic in a choke hold

This album has beats to drive to. "Throw on Humps for the Boulevard" and tell me it doesn't blow up the spot. Seriously, I can't do this album justice. All I can say, is if they still had albums like this coming out, I'd be wearing raider hats and starch jeans, instead of goodwill corduroy and t-shirts.

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