Eating your Ballot? That’s a Paddling!

It’s a good thing Ralph Wiggum is a cartoon character, not to mention American, and therefore not eligible to vote in Canada. For the sake of our many American readers, I’ll start off my explanation of that wacky opening line by mentioning that we have a Federal Election (The biggest one we have up here!) on Monday June 28th. I’ll be making a pilgrimage back home to the land of Chris Brothers pepperoni (this stuff is like sausage shaped drugs) and Schooner beer this weekend and won’t be in Hogtown to vote. Yes I’m talking about Haltown, aka ‘Fax, aka Halifax, Nova Scotia for those that don’t know.

I went on the Elections Canada website to get some info on advance polls because I’ll be away and mail-in voting because I’m really quite lazy. I checked out the FAQ on the site as I thought that was a logical place to look for useful info. I was correct in one sense, the FAQ did contain info, but most of it wasn’t useful. Here is the first frequently asked question on the page: “Is someone allowed to eat a ballot”? I assume eating your ballot is some kind of wacky protest , but seriously, does that question deserve top billing on the Elections Canada FAQ? Is that the most pressing question on Canadians’ collective minds as we head to the polls? “The Liberals gave 100 million bucks away to their friends, the Conservatives might try and take away abortion rights, but am I able to eat my ballot???”. It seems a little ridiculous to me.

So to clear up any confusion about where Herohill stands on the election, let me state this once and for all: Herohill does not endorse eating your ballot. We support putting an X by your candidate of choice and putting your ballot into the voting box. Happy voting.

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