I walked into the Horseshoe tavern last night, and was shocked. Shocked by the emptiness of the room. It was about 15 minutes before Maritime took the stage, and there were about 20 people in the bar. Maritime is the new supergroup formed by Davey and Dan from the Promise Ring, and Dismemberment Plan's super bassist Eric Axelson.

The opening band (Snailhouse, who later joined to add some depth to the Maritime show) stuggled to play through chatter, cellphones and a general lack of interest. As they finished, remarkably, people left. That's right, of the 20 people, some came just to see Snailhouse. As I struggled to pick up the pieces after my head exploded, I watched as Maritime took the stage with less people present then there probably was at sound check.

Obviously, this must have been disheartening, as they had been playing to crowds of over 100 people in the US. That didn't stop them from rocking. They performed a tight set that included songs from the new album, Glass Floor (Sleep Around, Someone Has To Die, Human Beings, Adios to name a few). I remember seeing Promise Ring on the Wood/Water tour and the energy for that show didn't come anywhere close to the energy that Davey and Dan gave for this show. Davey made jokes about the lack of fans, and expressed shock that anyone knew they names of any songs they were going to play.

The band gained a lot of respect (at least from me) for not simply mailing it in as so many bands do even for bigger crowds. After the show, Davey seemed genuinely happy to have anyone there for the show, as he told me, "Hey, we have to start somewhere". Coming from a man who has spent years building a fan base, and might have expected to have those fans show up, it was a statement that makes me hope that fans soon release this is a band very worth seeing.

@ 1:03 PM, Michael kicked the following game:

I was one of those twenty or so audience members. Snailhouse's set was great; I even sauntered up to Mike after the show to buy a CD which he gladly obliged selling to me. Too bad about the small turnout. I wasn't so impressed with musically with Maritime, but they have time to improve.


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