Robot Man Sucks!

I was in Chicago this past weekend, and while there I got to check out a Cubs game from the centerfield bleachers at Wrigley field. The Cubs beat the Pirates 4-1 and it's been quite some time since I've felt that kind of atmosphere at a baseball game. Seeing Wrigley also made me realize just how empty and airplane hanger-ish the Skydome feels. It might have been great in the early 90's when the roof was still unique and the Jays were winning like crazy and filling the place with 50,000+. But that's not the case anymore and it's too bad.

But back to the atmosphere at Wrigley. At one point in the game, our section started a "Left Field Sucks" chant which almost everyone joined in on. I say almost everyone because my man you see on the right here was walking up the aisle and blew the collective minds of the guys behind me. They noticed his silver vest, lack of shirt underneath it and immediately christened him Robot Man. One of them proceeded to serenade Mr. Silver Vest with "Robot Man Sucks" during his entire walk up the aisle. Not the cleverest of chants ever heard at a baseball game, but it was enough to make me laugh.

So here's to you Robot Man and your silver vest, you made my trip to Wrigley that much more enjoyable.

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