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The other day I played The D.O.C.'s album No One Can Do It Better from start to finish for the first time in a long time. I'd forgotten what a great album this is. It's basically only 11 songs and 2 skits, but each song is a classic. This is from the halcyon days of Ruthless Records, where Eazy and the boys could do no wrong. The old joke about "they could put out anything and people would buy it" applies here. Ruthless put out the white gangsta rap chick Terrie B and a hip hop flute album by Jimmy Z and I know people that bought those albums. No, it wasn't me in this case.

NWA and Ruthless are the godfathers of Gangsta, but there's not much gangsta here. It's simply The D.O.C. going for his in his mixture of Texas drawl, Cali slang, and a hint of Reggae styles. You have Dr. Dre on production and it features guest spots from Dre, Ice Cube, MC Ren, and Michel'le. Even the skits work, featuring Cube and Eazy playing old men while Michel'le sings some "baby making music". It's Funky Enough, Lend Me An Ear, Let The Bass Go, D.O.C. & The Doctor, No One Can Do It Better, The Formula, Grand Finale. Seriously, if these songs don't get you hyped you need to check your pulse. There's even the obligatory guitar rip-rock jam, Beautiful But Deadly, that was common at the time (Check under Bitch, Sophisticated by PE for another example).

I know the "golden age of hip hop" is almost a cliche by now, but listening to albums like this make you realize why they started using the term. For me, this is a classic album. If you know this album, hopefully I've brought back some fond memories. If you've never heard this, do yourself a favour and check it out. I'll lend you my tape as long as you don't let Ack dub it.

@ 6:01 PM, Anonymous kicked the following game:

yeah...the D.O.C. was the shit. between that and Ice Cube's Bomb-Squad produced albums, i was nearly convinced that west coast gangsta MC's had skillz.

just reachin - has anyone ever crowned Too Short as the godfather of crunk? i mean, "freaky tales" is a blueprint for most of the crunk/sex joints that come out now ("freek-a-leek" anyone?)


@ 10:08 AM, naedoo kicked the following game:

I hear you, both Amerikkka's Most Wanted and Death Certificate are classics in my book as well. I loved Cube long time during the period when he released those albums. I need to do a post about that actually.

But some West Coast MC's back in the day did have skills, a song like NWA's (MC Ren really) 'Quiet On Tha Set' shows that. And let's not forget which coast the line 'I come off like the clothes on a hooker, and I can fly like Jimmy Superfly Snuka' originated from.

Interesting point you make about Too Short. I've never really heard anyone credit him as the godfather of crunk. Sex jams, yes, he certainly deserves that title. But I think he did help break Lil Jon by being one of the first 'major' acts to feature him on his record.

Thanks for the comment.


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