When The East is in the Park, OHMYGOD.....DANGER!

Yikes, this is fairly scary. Some nutter drove to Toronto from New Brunswick with a carload of weapons and ammo to "drive around and kill people at random". I'm assuming he had some kind of vendetta against Torontonians but the article doesn't say what his beef was. It seems the only reason he didn't carry out his plan was that a dog approached him in the park and was friendly to him. That was the sole reason he decided not to massacre a bunch of innocent people: "if there was such a nice dog in the area the people were too nice and he wasn't going to carry out his plan". My man clearly has issues, not sure why he isn't renting a nice padded cell somewhere and eating three squares of happy pills daily.

I thought I was heading back to the land of the sane people by heading home to the Maritimes this weekend. I'll be visiting Fam in the fine New Brunswick cities of Fredericton and Saint John in the next week or two, so if the rest of the NB nutters want to make a trip to Toronto during that time it's fine by me. I've heard you get better treatment abroad if you put a Canadian flag on your bag. Perhaps I'll put a Nova Scotia flag on all my stuff so that any Martime nutbars in Toronto might think twice about clapping me.

@ 2:53 AM, xingrun kicked the following game:

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