Where's the Love?

People have commented on the fact herohill.com seems to spread no love to the people. Well, if you want a feel good site, you are in the wrong spot. We didn't start this Web site to make friends, in fact we started it to hopefully lose a few. So for that reason, I am giving you the first installment of things and or people Ack hates (counting down from 100):

100) Nickleback (really they are up near the top,of my list, just had to make sure people could sense the hate)
99) Ray Lewis
98) Assholes who see a firetruck and say, "Where's the fire?"
97) Pop-up windows on porn sites. Are people who log on really looking to buy a new webhost or just get stroke material?
96) People who claim the Matrix or Kill Bill to be the best kung fu movies ever. Shit hoss, they use wires. Don't make herohill come over there and slap your ignorant fake kung-fu ass.
95) Spandex + Guys who think they are buffed. We all know you're big dude. You don't have to put your clothes on with a shoehorn or a paint roller to prove your point.
94) People who show up at sporting events in bars wearing a jersey so fresh and so clean that you can tell they bought it on the way to the bar. Go.. who's playing? Greece.. oh, yeah, I love Greece!
93) Dubya
92) People who wear jerseys to work. Guy, I know you love the leafs, but they play every second day. I'm pretty sure Domi's old jersey smells better than your fat computer programming ass does.
91) The Lakers and the Yankees. Nothing makes me happier them seeing you guys lose. You can buy a lot, but you can't buy Ack's respect.

Stayed tuned for Part 2

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