Zizou for Prime Minister

Prime Minister of Canada that is. I doubt he could beat Prime Minister Pete Nice (3rd Bass is gold friends) in an English election right now. It seems I’ve had nothing but sports posts for the last few days, but I had to mention the France-England game. That was one of the most amazing football games I’ve ever seen. Scratch that, it’s perhaps one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in sports. The fact that I’m rooting for France doesn’t even factor in my saying that, I’d think the same had England done it to France. That game was dead and gone; the announcers, the fans, and even the French players thought they were going to start another huge tourney with a 1-0 loss. It wouldn’t have been as big an upset as their 1-0 loss to Senegal, but it would’ve been bad.

But Icebergs Zidane stepped up and almost single-handedly saved France from defeat. His free kick was the really big strike. They were down a goal with no time left and needed a miracle to save the point (and deny the Brits their 2) when Zizou hit that ball about as well as anyone could to ripple the mesh behind a hapless David James. That leveled them and would’ve been a fantastic finish if the game had ended right there. The English got into scramble mode on the re-start though and gifted Henry a breakaway when Gerrard tried a backpass not realizing the Arsenal goal machine was cherry-picking like Lemieux (hockey reference, this is a Canadian blog after all) in the English backfield. Was there any doubt Zidane was going to convert that penalty? I didn’t have any, I knew they were going to win.

That’s the kind of performance you expect from someone who’s routinely called the best player in the world. I have no problem with Beckham, but we saw the difference here between him and a truly world class player like Zidane. If Beckham had converted his penalty, that game would’ve been over. When double Z got his chance he made no mistake. Beckham has had more hype than Jordan the last couple years, but after this game I think people are going to know the power of Zizou.

Go France.

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