CBS tells Eads to EADS

George Eads, one of the stars of the popular CBS show, CSI, decided he needed a raise and made it known he might stop showing up for work unless he got one.  CBS replied by telling Eads he should Eat A Dick Sandwich and firing him.  Perhaps Eads can follow David Caruso's lead and crawl back to CBS when they launch CSI Des Moines.

@ 3:34 PM, Anonymous kicked the following game:

"Man is destined to die once, after that, face Judgment." -Hebrews 9:27 You ready? I am.


@ 10:46 AM, ack kicked the following game:

Man is destined to get dissed after publishing religious comments on Herohill. Especially when your web site says wack ass shit like "Jail Abortionists". Hoss, there is a street corner on Bloor where all the crazies go to preach, not on Herohill. Don't get your religious rhetoric peanut butter in our sarcastic satirical chocolate.


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