Come on, we're going streaking, grab your green hat!

Herohill truly feels it is time something is said.  We consulted Seinfeld, and this was his reply, "What's the deal with streaking"?  Jerry, we agree.  We may not think it is a bad thing to drive a friend to the airport, or think Mulva is a good name, but on the streaking issue, we are 100% in agreeance.

First off, how did this become a trend?  Who wants to run naked onto a field full of athletes, and in front of 50,000 people, only to have security grab you and beat the living bejesus out of you?  I can't imagine and woman thinking I was sexier, or cooler because I bared it all and ran all over the outfield like a chicken with its head cut off.  Plus, how cool would I be after being on the bad end of 6 dudes with sticks who are still mad they failed out of police academy?

As for as sports publicity, there have been some doozies.  Parachute man, John 3:16 guy, Rainbow afro guy, and any soccer fan that just runs out and coldcocks an opposing team's star player, but Herohill wants to point out our all time favs:
  1. The dude who tried to hop onto the ice naked at the Flames game and slipped and had to be carted off in a neck brace, still nude.  I bet when you bet your friends 50 large, you never thought it would end quite like that.
  2. Euro 2004 jersey thrower.  Hoss, I guess you found out the hard way, but the mesh on the back of a soccer net isn't made of the tape they put across the finishing line of a marathon.  When you run into it full speed after chucking a jersey at Figo, avoid the net, because, as you found out -- NETS HAVE LITTLE GIVE!  This became obvious when you got worked and landed on your neck, before getting six knees in your back.

It isn't just streakers.  It really comes down to anyone who goes to the games strictly to be a public spectacle.   People like the father and son team who jumped the ump to issue him a beatdown, the people who heckle every call and player, the fatties who sit in front of us at the Raptor games and my all time least favorite, the Philadelphia Eagle birdman (dick, you got me pelted with Iron City bottle as you made your bird noises as the Eagles beat the Steelers).  All you do is ruin the game for people who actually liek the sport. 

So for the sake of all true fans, keep your pants on, stay in your seat and shut the F up.  Cheer on the good plays, boo on the bad ones, but don't decide it is your mission to entertain the crowd with your childish antics.


@ 11:02 PM, naedoo kicked the following game:

ha HA, don't forget that the nude flames guy was wearing red socks, go Flames go!


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