Fahrenheit Fever

Ack and I have both seen the Fahrenheit 9/11 and I think we agree that it's a pretty powerful film. Whether or not Dubya's Daddy and his pals being in the Saudi's back pockets had anything to do with 9/11, I couldn't say. But you have to think there's something sketchy going on there. Was the war in Iraq planned simply so Georgie Jr. could finish his Pappy's unfinished business with Saddam and make all his pals crazy rich in the process? I don't know, but it certainly looks that way. Living so close to the USA, we Canadians have been able to get a first-hand look at what George W. Bush is all about. I knew he was a quif going into the movie, but I didn't realize his douche-baggery was so limitless. Obviously the film is edited to make him look bad, but I don't think it was that hard. It's all real footage of him, and most of it made me shake my head at the fact that this simpleton runs the most powerful country in the world. When he shoots the clay pigeon and says "Did anyone say nice shot", I laughed at him. When he's grinning and winking at someone off camera before announcing the US was going to war, I cringed a little.

I'm not American, so obviously I can't vote in the upcoming election. Therefore I'll try to avoid telling our American readers who they should vote for. It's your vote, you should cast it as you see fit. That being said, c'maaaaaaaaaaaan, how could you vote for this guy? Just based on the simple fact that he appears to have done one of the worst presidenting jobs in history, I'd think you might want to give the other guy I shot. I think even John "Mr. Charisma" Kerry deserves a shot at the job over this pinhead. But that sounds a lot like me telling you who to vote for, so I'll digress.

Here at Herohill, we're hoping that our friends south of the border make a wise decision when they elect their new president. Otherwise you'll have another four years with a president who spends more time on vacation than a drunken teamster.

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