Finally Bryant Stith Will Have his Revenge

After years of watching the public ignore his basketball genius and having his retirement virtually ignored, it seems former Nuggets and University of Virginia legend Bryant Stith will have his revenge. Yesterday George Lucas announced the name of the "final" installment of his Star Wars Money machine. To the delight of basketball loving nerds everywhere, it's been christened "Revenge of the Stith". I had no idea Star Wars fans were also such basketball fanatics, but listen to the how they reacted to the news: "Many in the audience jumped out of their seats, thunderously screaming in joy. Some even gave one another hugs."

I'm sure not even Bryant himself could have predicted such a reaction. In all honesty, I haven't been checking for Star Wars in the last couple years. The Phantom Menace was so-so, but the whole Jar Jar Binks thing was a bad omen in my opinion so I still haven't seen the one about the clones. But this Bryant Stith Star Wars sounds all right, I'll be seeing it for sure.

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