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I am getting quite used to reading about the exploits of athletes. Drugs, sex, rape are as common to athletes as a lunchbreak is to people in my line of work. So I feel I must comment on the story I read today on Seriously, my man, LeShon Johnson, was a former NFL running back (and in the XFL, so you know he gives Touchdown Tommy his propers) for his part in a dog fighting ring. Yes, a dog fighting ring.

I could go on a PETA rant about how wrong dog fighting is, but seriously, for the moment, let's just focus on the fact that LeShon and his posse came up with the idea to start a dog fighting ring. They seized 80 dogs from his house. More shockingly, they also arrested 22 other people. Twenty-two people! Try to think of places you see twenty-two people:
1) In line for any horrible club in Toronto on a Saturday night
2) At the Skydome watching the Argos
3) In Hammer's entourage (pre bankruptcy)

These clowns had a dog fighting ring that took 23 people to organize. I would think you need about (4). One to feed the dogs, one to rile em up good for the fight, one to clean the dook and one to book the illegal rings to fight at. In all honesty, one ambitious young man could handle most of that work.

The other part that is mind blowing, is they got 80 dogs from his house. Eighty. How the f can you have a house with 80 dogs? That would make the big brother house look like the house on the golden girls. I have one cat, and he stinks up the joint like the BC skunk.

Athletes rule

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