Goodbye Mr. Planters

First off, let me just say this - "Ricky Williams is a full on nutter".  Not for retiring from football, but for things like:
  • saying the cops were racist for telling him it wasn't a good idea to leave his pimped out rides in his open garage with the keys still in the car
  • not thinking deodorant was necessary (Ricky wasn't hugging trees and constantly playing Woodie Guthrie covers, he just didn't care he stunk)
  • driving around with absolutely no identification
  • the list is as long as his dreads, my man is a full on nut

That being said, I don't think he is crazy for retiring from football.  He never really liked playing football.  To him, football was the equivalent of building a nice sandcastle on the beach, strictly so some Charles Atlas type jerks could kick it in his face.  He never worked in the offseason, he never tried to correct his fumble problems (with those Maloney-esque raptor arms) and more importantly, he never tried to get to know any of his teammates.  He wanted a life outside of football.  He was afraid of crowds (hence having to wear his football helmet for interviews in his rookie year), and didn't want to be in the limelight.

He played football, and look at the rewards.  He got to go to college, and set the all-time NCAA rushing record.  He got to be the focus of the draft, where we all got to see Ditka draft him, and then walk out of the draft.  He also got to make millions of dollars and retire without being Earl Campbell.  He didn't give up his body for football, because he didn't want to.  That would be like me getting carpal tunnel syndrome typing out database schema.  It pays my bills, but I'd be hella pissed if it was something that affected me later in life.

Have you ever wanted to quit a job you hated?  I have.  Still do.  Other than the way Ricky handled the whole thing (not telling the 'phins until every possible RB with any skill was already signed to another team), I don't think anyone has any reason to hate Ricky, or Barry Sanders either.  Just because we all dream of being famous, rich athletes, doesn't mean that everyone does.

Good luck Ricky, but don't try to bring back any blow for Dan.  Asian police might not be as forgiving as the cops in the ole US.

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