Is Skateboarding Still A Crime?

Walking home today I saw a cop giving some skate kid a ticket in the parking lot of a high school. I also saw two police cars zoom up the street towards the school, presumably to deal with the skaters friends who were across the street on their BMXs. Is skateboarding illegal, are people still spending a lot of time worrying about this? I'm sure this has been discussed a million times but I didn't realize they were still giving out fines for it. According to this list it seems that each town in Ontario has its own laws around it. I remember skateboarding being banned during my skating days in junior high that spawned the infamous "Skateboarding Is Not A Crime" bumper stickers. I remember writing that phrase on the grip tape of my Lance Mountain powell-peralta deck in like 1987 (pictured at left - but mine was blue and I loved that deck long time). Haven't we come to some kind of resolution by now?

Don't get me wrong, if the kids are damaging property or bothering people then that should be illegal. I don't want skate kids mashing into me on the sidewalk or anything, but this was an empty high school parking lot. What trouble are they causing there? Damaging the pavement and concrete curbs, on no! When I was young someone always bent or ripped down the basketball hoops at Fairview Junior high, why weren't the cops on the lookout for that? It just seems to me that with all the scary things kids are getting into these days (drugs, sex, violence, etc, etc), why discourage something keeping them away from that.

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fuck no it aint skate or dye


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