Ja Rule Be Thuggin' It Up In Toronto

It seems Ja Rule can't escape the controversy. First he had beef with Eminem and 50 Cents and now with some unnamed dude in Toronto. Apparently Ja (Can I call you Ja?) got into a tussle in the VIP room of a club named La Rouge in Toronto this weekend. It seems he turned himself in this morning to face assult charges stemming from said tussle. The article also mentions that Ja stopped to sign autographs for fans waiting outside the courthouse. That's nice. Ja knows the fans have made him who he is. He can be the poor man's midget 2Pac and get in fights dans le VIP because of the fans. No matter how big a rap star you are and no matter how close you are to falling the f@$k off, you still need to show the fans some love.

I'm assuming Ja was in town for one of the many Caribana-based festivities or perhaps he's being featured in another stellar film that is shooting here. Seriously, look at this list of Denzel-esque films Ja has been in. Scary Movie 3, Half Past Dead, The Fast and the Furious, it goes on and on. It's too bad Ja's Co-Star from Half Past Dead wasn't up in the club with him this weekend, Steve Seagal would've kicked some Toronto VIP ass. Well perhaps Out For Justice Seagal would've kicked ass, the current fat Seagal would've been passed out in a sweaty slumber on the comfy VIP couches.

While researching Ja Rule on IMDB (a phrase I never thought I'd use in life), I found out Ja Rule stands a Boguesian 5'6. Seems like Ja Rule is reppin' plenty of anger in a pint size package. Now I'm not saying that perhaps Ja has the Napolean complex, but I think you can do the math yourself.

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