C-Murder tries to murder someone, who saw that coming?

Apparently Master P's brother, the rapper known as C-Murder, attempted to kill a club owner who refused to allow him to enter without being searched. After being refused entry C-Murder started to walk away before pulling out a gun and trying to kill the club owner and a bouncer only to have the gun jam. That certainly explains why he didn't want to be searched, but there's a message here.

To all the kids out there who faithfully read Herohill, here's some advice. When choosing a rap-name, don't choose a name that alludes to a crime you may well commit in the future. The above offence was C-Murder's second time being indicted for the attempted murder. Unfortunately, first impressions count in today's society, so when that jury hears Corey Miller raps under the name C-Murder, what are they going to think? They'll probably think "Man, I hate that rap music", but after that they'll probably start leaning towards the guilty verdict.

So kids, think carefully about your MC moniker, it's not a decision to be taken lightly. If you plan to cheat on your taxes, MC Tax Evader is no good. If you plan to make fake money, Counterfeit Bill is a no-no even if your name is William.

Herohill doesn't endorse the crime, but if you plan on doing it, keep it out of your name.

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