Canadian Olympic Update (Perdita fell, let's move on)

As Canada continues its determined pursuit of mediocrity at the Athens Olympics, one story has emerged to symbolize the underwhelming performance of our Canadian squad. I speak of course of Kyle Shewfelt's shocking denial of a bronze in the gymnastics vault thing. ha HA, just kidding there, no one's going to be talking about men's gymnastics after the games are done. But I'm sure they will be talking about Perdita Felicien's fall in the final of the 100 metre hurdles for months to come.

Our whole country has been obsessed by this for 2 days. I can't imagine how tough it was for her to deal with falling in such a huge event, but I'm glad she's not back in Canada yet because she'd have to watch it on CBC every 15 minutes. They've talked about it and viewed it from every conceivable angle or perspective. There was even a Zapruder film style breakdown of the start of the race using a telestrator to highlight the position of her foot during every step she took.

I think this kind of obsession must have been a distraction for her in the leadup to the race. Certainly all the pressure being heaped on her by the media and the Canadian public couldn't have been a help. We got updates on her arrival in Athens, we were shown tape of her training runs, and her run in the final became the marquee event for Canada. I think perhaps we were expecting a little too much. Everyone was expecting her to win, as if she was a mortal lock to get that gold medal. They even had cameras at her Mother's house in Pickering to capture her families reaction. But as we should all know by now, things don't always go as planned at the Olympics.

So Canada, I think it's time we let it go. Perdita's only 23 and seems like she'll be able to get over it. Hopefully she'll go on to win more world championships in the meantime and her family will get to have their victory celebration when she wins gold in 2008. But for now, let's move on. There's a few days left and we've got a whole bunch of under-achieving athletes that need our attention.

@ 10:32 PM, Anonymous kicked the following game:

The slow motion replays were too much and during the replay you can see her get a rake across the face from the Russian she knocked out. (I feel bad for the Russian, she got knocked out and it wasn't het fault)
Her mom put her on speaker phone with all the media present at the house...what's with that? When she gets to Canada everyone is gonna be all happy and cheery for her (puke). If she were Greek, she would have been beaten down and tossed out to the trash. (See Kenteris and Thanou as example)



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