Dave Matthews Full of Sh*t

I've always said the Dave Matthews Band was sh*tty, but finally there's some proof. Dave Matthews tour bus dropped 800 pounds of "liquid human waste" from their tour bus through the grating in the Kinize Street bridge and into the Chicago river. 800 pounds, that seems like a crapload (pun intended) of human waste, not sure how the bus driver thought he'd get away with that.

This shower of filthy power landed in the river, but it also landed on a architecture tour boat that was under the bridge. While the thought of getting showered with Dave Matthews' feces is horrifying enough, there is a scarier aspect to this story. Petra and I were in Chicago in June, and we went on that same architectural boat cruise. Makes me shudder just thinking about it. If Dave Matthews tour bus took a numero dos on me, it would take a lot more than a refund from the tour company and lawsuit by the state of Illinois to make amends with me.

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