Forget Mase, Welcome Back Mario

I know he's already put up his first post, but I thought I 'd take a second to formally welcome Mario, aka Mr. E, back to the hill. Due to popular demand Mario is back on the scene as a contributor to Longtime readers might recognize Mario from such sections as Greek Of The Week, Top 5, and Celeb Email. Ack and I have Toronto on lock, but we were overdue for some Halifax perspective on the hill and Mario can provide that. Hopefully Mario will be chiming in regularlly with his thoughts on all things Greek and otherwise.

@ 9:51 PM, Anonymous kicked the following game:

Again, I liked this site better when Mario wasn't writing. You suck Eleftheros.
Mike Roberts


@ 10:58 PM, Anonymous kicked the following game:

You should get back to writing the Greek of the Week and Top 5 stuff.


@ 5:22 PM, Anonymous kicked the following game:

Finally a reason to once again visit the site. Welcome back Mario! I enjoy his persective on Greeks and the fact that he is a big time Bruins fan. Too bad the Dolphins suck!!!



@ 9:58 AM, naedoo kicked the following game:

What, you didn't like our perspective on Greeks? We all welcome Mario back but c'maaan guy, there's always a reason to visit the hill.


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