Garden State good, using the new slang bad

Went to see Garden State on Sunday afternoon, and all in all a great film. It was much funnier than I expected and Nat Portman delivered a great performance. But in all honesty, reading a review for a film before you see it is basically like reading the cliff notes of a book first. Kind of ruins the movie and the book.

I want to talk about the soundtrack to the flick. It is great. Bands like Frou Frou, the Shins, Simon and the Gar-funk, Shane's fav Zero Zero, Iron and Wine and Nick Drake. As far as a soundtrack, the Ack wouldn't have picked and different songs, and the way Zach used them in the movie was perfect... Except for one!

As Large (Zach) meets Sam (Nat P), she informs him she is listening to the Shins, and they can change your life. That being said, it is a cheese line, but nonetheless, music is probably the only true voice in the world today. As "New Slang" blasts into his ears for the first time, I almost fell out of my chair.

I have always said that if I was ever to make a movie (well ok, another one) or get to be in a TV show, New Slang would play in the background. It is one of my top 5 songs of all time. I am not saying it is the best song in the world, or will change the world, but for some reason, I never tire of that song. It is a simple, catchy acoustic track, that has been used many times (it is the song playing in the menu for the Malloys amazing , must see surf documentary Shelter). However, until Zach expressed his love for the track, it wasn't on cds like the Scrubs soundtrack. It is a conundrum for sure. Obviously, I want people to hear the song and realize how amazing it is, I just don't want them to hear it on NBC or the radio.

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