The Good and The Bad of Athens 2004

Hey Herohill fans, I am back. After a contract dispute, all things are settled and I'm back with Herohill. For the next 2 weeks I will be reporting on the Summer Olympic Games of Athens. As the games have now come back to their roots, here are my thoughts on the "BAD" and the "GOOD" of the first week.

Bad: Kostas Kenteris and Ekaterini Thanou get into a "motorcycle accident" and withdraw from the Games, eliminating 2 good medal hopes for Greece.
Good: We're still not as bad as the USA track and field team.

Bad: Canada has only 2 medals and no Gold medals.
Good: Greece has 3 medals, 2 which are Gold. Suck on that Greek Gyro Canada...

Bad: The Greek Olympic soccer team falled to win a game and were eliminated in the round robin. They even lost to Mali????
Good: Euro 2004, 'nuff said.

Bad: The Greek Olympic baseball team lead by former major leaguer and Greek??? Clay Bellinger fail to win a game.
Good: Clay Bellinger is Greek.

Bad: The Greek Olympic Federation did not dish out enough money for Nikolaos Siranidis or Thomas Bimis to train properly for their synchronized diving. In order to train for the Olympics they had to dive into the Aegean Sea off rocks in Patra.
Good: They win the Gold medal.

Bad: The empty seats at some of the Olympic events.
Good: People aren't paying hard earned money to watch Archery or Equestrian.

Bad: That Canadian dude in the tutu dives into the Olympic pool.
Good: After being taken away by police and spending a night in jail, he is released the next day sporting a black eye and many bruises on his body.

Bad: The original Olympics had athletes competing nude, but not now in 2004.
Good: Not having to see 200 lbs women weightlifters or Judo athletes nude.

Be back next week with more from Athens...

@ 12:50 AM, Anonymous kicked the following game:

About time you got back on Herohill


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I liked it better when you weren't writting here. You suck Eleftheros.


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